Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wow...I am a terrible blogger!

Eek...I guess I got caught up in life!?!  Last school year was a busy, whirlwind!  So, let me pull you up to speed.

I started the year as ELA and Social Studies for grades 5-8.  We had hired another lady to teach math and science.  Turned out math really wasn't her cup of tea...she was stressed...the kids were stressed...I was stressed.  I made the decision to offer to take over math.  I took it towards the end of the first quarter.  I am so happy I did, I fell in love with math all over, or maybe I just realized for the first time how much I love it!  I happily gave her ELA (didn't miss it for a second).  The kids were so much happier in my math class, I was so much happier teaching it.  Mid year the other teacher went on medical leave and we had another teacher take over, who is teaching ELA and social studies next year.  She is much experience...great techniques.  I am obviously teaching math again and science.  Yep, total turn around from what I didn't want last year, but totally want this year.  I am so happy!

I am also participating in a grant program called TEAM Science.  WOW!  This year we are focused on physical science, something I needed a great brush up on.  It has been amazing so far.  Our 3/4 and K/1 teacher are also a part of the grant.  We have tons of fun together.  It helps that our 3/4 teacher is also my crazy bff...we could seriously get each other in trouble lol :)
Working on our science journals...they didn't have a clue! lol

Anyway, I am going to try and write a TEAM science entry to explain it in more detail.  We use the 5E lesson model for it and it has totally  changed my view and approach to teaching science.  I am getting ready to begin my 2nd week of a 3 week summer "course" that I will be a part of for two more summers for TEAM Science.  Like I said, this session has been all about physical science. 

By the end of the school year I was drained...I was also 8th grade sponsor which involves a lot of fundraising and graduation preparation, and a class trip.  We went to St Louis for 3 days.  It was a great time, exhausting, but awesome.  I was definitely ready for summer vacation.  This is the first year I have not been working on school stuff all summer.  I have taken time for myself.  I am just now letting my brain start to gear up for the next school year.  Our first day is August 14th.
 From top of ferris wheel at Six Flags...Class trip
 Me and the bff at Six Flags, class trip
 Our group at 6 flags...

Another thing that contributed to my draining, was our new house, that we moved into the last week of school!  The week of our class trip and graduation!!! lol  It is an older 2 story farmhouse that we are madly in love with and slowly remodeling.  4 bedrooms and 2 baths.  So nice compared to our old 3 bedroom 1 bath.  3/4 wrap around porch, huge, flat grassy yard and 40 acres...compared to our old 1/2 acre.  In love!  Will write more about that later too. 

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